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    Improving safety by delivering helicopter-less intervention

RHL is an engineering development company with a wealth of experience in the offshore energy sector.  The company’s principal objective is to develop low carbon power generation solutions at an affordable cost.  To date RHL has developed two solutions which have the potential to achieve this objective, these being:

  • A gas fired power plant with carbon capture and storage (CCS) located adjacent to an offshore oil or gas reservoir to minimise the cost of the CCS process.
  • An integrated energy storage system which takes energy from solar, tidal current, tidal range, wave and wind inputs and stores this energy to allow power generation on demand.

To support these low carbon power solutions RHL has also developed an access solution and an offshore structure which deliver significant safety and cost benefits for oil & gas developments and wind farms.  These cost reductions will allow the economic recovery of offshore oil & gas and deliver a large reduction in the unit cost of offshore wind power.

In combination these developments offer the opportunity for the UK to transition to a low carbon power mix at an affordable cost whilst also addressing security of supply concerns.

RHL is now seeking funding and a suitable partner to progress these solutions through detailed design and deployment.

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